Bikini Prep Series

5 Weeks Out | Road to OCB Pro Card

Third times a charm!

Here we are still in prep trying to get that pro card! I’ve loved watching all my friends I competed with this season get their cards and I’m hoping that my turn is next so we can go into a nice long building season.

I still keep thinking what will I do if I miss it and end up in second again, and the solution would be to make sure we get feedback, and try to compete again on December 3 in Virginia. This wouldn’t be ideal, but if the feedback would be to come in tighter it would definitely be doable.

8 Week out check in

7 Weeks Out

6 Weeks Out

5 Week Out check in

Ok so there’s is my check ins the past few weeks. About 2 weeks ago was when we decided to do the OCB show instead of the NPC which did take a lot of stress away.

Food has remained the same with some extra carbs and and fats on Friday and Saturday because Friday I’m up early for fasted cardio, work all morning, go to the gym, come home and shower the get ready to work at the bar until (???) in the morning but I’m usually in bed around 4 or 5 am basically being up for almost 24 hours on my feet for the most part.

This has been the hardest prep so far, because I have so much more going on and have faced so much in the past few months since my last show. Between the passing of my rescue pup, job changes, and trying to figure out what I’m going to do for a living

I’m mentally ready even though my body isn’t there yet. I can’t wait to be on that stage, I can’t wait to pass my NASM test (next week!) and I can’t wait to hear: “Your newest OCB Pro is Alicia Laird!”

Let’s GO!!

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