Bikini Prep Series

SHOW DAY! OCB Hall of Fame 2022

It’s show day!! They say when all the struggles and hard work show UP!

I weighed in at 130, which is 2 lbs away from my high school senior weight and I look better than ever and am ready to crush it.

Morning started with a fasted check in, then slowly getting to work on hair and makeup. Stage time isn’t until 4:30 and I got an extended check out time to 1:00.

First meal was apple and pb Better Oats with some egg whites and protein powder, and sipping some dry red wine while meticulously doing my makeup.

Makeup check!!

Decided to go with hair down straight for this one! It was just so hot and humid that I was worried about holding any curl and there was nowhere for touch ups.

The picture doesn’t do it much justice but my makeup came out BOMB and I did it myself unlike last time when I had to try to rig half the fake eyebrows I didn’t want off and ended up with weird splotches all over my face 🤦🏼‍♀️

Last check in before we leave for the venue! Went to heat up my last meal of lean ground turkey and rice with some salt, packed the car, and headed over. It was soooo HOT OUT!

The event was held at West Springfield High School….and their mascot is the West Terriers! If any of you follow me on Instagram or know me, you know I had a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) from the time she was 8 weeks old until she passed in 2019 and she was my BABY. So I walk in the door and there’s a statue that looks just like her and I have to stop tears because I feel like she’s watching over me and rooting for me!

Also the venue had NO service and I couldn’t get on the wifi because you needed…service to connect to the stupid wifi so I was STRESSED. I couldn’t talk to my coach or Allan. Thankfully this was my second show because if it was my first and I didn’t know how/ when to pump and what to eat I’d be a MESS. Thankfully I found Allan in the lobby while I was searching for service to tell Malayna I’m alive I just have no service. He tried to get my phone online but they were calling us for backstage and I didn’t have time if I wanted to eat and pump so he got a quick kiss, handed my camera and went to go find a spot to film!

I was also backstage with a friend I made at my last show, Marissa, and all the girls were super nice and some were first timers. It was SO hot because the AC went down!

My first division was Masters 35+. This division was BRUTAL. We were up there for over 10 minutes, pouring sweat and shaking. I could literally feel the sweat from the broken AC dripping down me and praying it wasn’t ruining my tan or makeup. Just keep posing, just keep smiling! With the little amount of water we drink in show day I was kinda worried about passing out, but thank goodness when it was over I’ve never been so happy!!! I said to one of the other girls….I don’t even want to go out for open now, I’m done (haha)!

These are some of the photos from the beginning of the round, when we weren’t dripping! I ended up in 3rd place in this division!

Next was open, Marissa and I were in this one together which was fun!

And on to awards! I was super happy to win second in open (I thought I would never have a chance in open!) and third in Masters 35+!

Open Awards
Masters Awards!

I was thinking of changing my suit color to a cranberry, purple or more of a teal blue for my next show but the more I look at these the more I loveeee Royal on me! Just maybe a larger top size since the girls didn’t shrink as much as I though and I like the single strand connectors better.

Here are some more stage shots!

And after of course Allan wanted to deliver allllll my cravings so I ate a Drizzle cookie, and he brought me a big box of local gourmet donuts and a bottle of champagne to hold me over before we went to dinner.

I still have lots of work to do before stepping on an NPC stage. Glute building and coming in lean lean leaner. November 12 will be my first NPC show and last show of the season before taking a well deserved off season to build. While I’m nervous about people making comments about “getting fat again” I’m hoping to be able to maintain 10 lbs above stage weight so next time I compete I won’t have 30 to lose like I did this time around. The only reason I even want to do the show is because I want the feedback before an off season, and to see how I do on that type of stage.

We’re dreaming bigger and better!

Also, what do you guys think about changing the suit up? Stick with royal? Try a different shade of blue? Red? Purple? Teal?????

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