Bikini Prep Series

PEEK WEEK 2! | OCB Hall of Fame

Sunday 7/17/22

Weight: 132 lbs Up 1 lb after re-feed

Now it’s time to push! I had lower carbs and 90 min of cardio yesterday after working a brutal night shift that basically made me feel like I got hit by a bus. Super emotional about having no “career” and just jumping around to bar jobs. I can’t do this 3 am thing anymore, I need a job with longevity that I can be proud of and my family can be proud of me. Maybe it’s just prep emotions, but I’m feeling it hard this week. Pushing it all out of my mind for now because we just have to FOCUS.

Monday 7/18/22

Weight: 131.8

90 min of cardio was a struggleeeeeeeee today! But it’s done and now all I have to do is my workouts (shoulders, glutes and abs) get some studying and portfolio updating done, stretch/ foam roll, and then I’m photographing an engagement session in Jamestown at 7 if it doesn’t rain! At least that will be something fun to distract me from all my other problems! Also while looking up the donut menu for Knead Donuts down in East Greenwich, I came across this other neighboring place that has healthy smoothies bowls and is hiring nutrition coaches….so maybe once I’m all certified that will be an option for me!

Yummmmmm! 🤤🤤🤤

Tuesday 7/19/22 131.6

Not as tired this peak week! Feeling confident and good even though I have a LOT going on with life changes. The new job doesn’t seem to be as great as expected, the money isn’t the same and the people aren’t that enjoyable to work with. I even got yelled at today for peeing too much….ummmm it’s peak week, I’m drinking a gallon and a half a day!!!

A lot of uncertainty, except for that I love bodybuilding and pushing myself. This may not be the end for me this season. I want to get on an NPC stage.

Wednesday 7/20/22 131.8

Hoping we hit the 130 mark soon! I drank my “smooth move tea” like last time to hopefully get a bowel movement before the show like last time!

Thursday 7/21/22 130.8

Super happy with the weight drop! Cardio is on the downtrend and I’m feeling good. No more work until the Sunday after the show which I’m dreading but all I’m focusing on right now is taking care of my body, eating my food and bringing my best to the stage.

I’ve been slacking on stretching and foam rolling and need to get back to doing yoga. A little nervous on doing my own makeup but I think I have everything I need and after working in nightclubs all these years I think I can manage!

Friday 7/22/22 131.8

A little frustrated with the scale but I do feel bloated and like food is sitting in my digestive system. Coach says we look good and it’s GO time! Everything is packed and ready and omg it’s HOT out. I threw on a t-shirt dress and slides to pack the car and was dripping! I always feel like I’m forgetting something, I brought my kindle and iPad to keep my occupied while I veg in the hotel all night, my study materials for NASM, as well as a nice bottle of dry wine!

Last lil pump!

I got on the road a little early since my tanning appointment was at 3:15 and check in time was 3 for the hotel. I wanted to get there early in case o could check in early which wasn’t a problem. My room was sooooo cute and the bed was super comfy! I’m excited I’ll be staying at the Marriot Bonvoy again for my next show because I slept really good before a show for once.

After successfully rigging my queen size sheets onto the king bed (note, I would like a king bed now haha) I was off to check in and tan! My polygraph wasn’t until 8 so I wasn’t worried about the tan getting messed up, plus I held color really well last time.

Always gotta do a tan tent pic haha

So that’s it for peak week! Coach said we peaked perfectly, so next up is show day and the results!!

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