Bikini Prep Series

My First Bikini Contest Prep Overview

Something I’ve been wanting to do for many years is have the discipline to compete in a bikini contest! Since starting working with my coach last summer who competes, the thought crossed my mind more and more. I bought a practice suit and last summer tried to learn some posing messing around.

Yep, I know, nowhere near it right?! (Jillian decided she was unimpressed too)! Well good thing that show I initially decided on was April 30 and this was in September right before my Florida vacation. I was doing great with training and eating to build muscle, but I was still struggling with alcohol consumption (big time) and stress eating and the tail end of depression (I was starting to snap out of it though and love myself no matter what any man made me feel, and realized being alone was actually pretty great. So have no fear! Mental state is great).

In Florida I had started to lean out a little and was hitting 148-149 for the first time in decades. I’m 5’7” for reference. Well I had a little too much fun on vacation and sampled lots of yummy food.

I probably should have started this blog sooner than 4 weeks out, but hey, it’s better late then never and I will be doing another competition 10 weeks after this one and probably a few in the Fall so I will definitely be more consistent. I did start my YouTube vlogging back a few months ago, so if you want to catch up, check me out here:

Ok, onward!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had significant drops in weight because I’ve been pretty close to 100% compliant with my macros and workouts. I’ve had some major drops in energy, as expected and increased cardio and decreased food. I’m honestly not mad though, because I want to push as hard as I can these last few weeks because I still feel too heavy, not lean enough and not defined enough. My coach, Malayna Gray (go Team MPower!) says to have confidence, it’s not about the number on the scale, and we got this!

If you want more info on our team, here’s her site!:

So here we are at 4 weeks out!

I really need to work on getting my glutes out on that middle front side pose. It’s my lazy glute with the SI joint injury so I’m starting to notice it’s definitely not as developed as the right flute, but it’s too late to switch my whole posing side but it might be something to think about for next time and really focus on engaging it during training.

I’m a little hesitant to share macros because everyone’s body is so different and my macros are customized for me (there’s my disclaimer, my macros probably won’t work for you). But I’d like to have this journey documented on my blog so I can look back at it.

Current macros, 4 weeks out

125 P, 135 C, 40 F = 1400 calories

Cardio: 75 min of walking, 6 days a week

How I’m feeling

The last few weeks have been tough. I’m tired easily and cold all the time! Cardio seems to be dragging even though I trained for a marathon and do the Newport 10 miler every year so I’m used to long hours of cardio. I add some jogging in to break it up plus I’d like to do the Newport 10 miler, half and Ocean Road 10k this year still so I want to keep some lung power.

I’ve been trying to push my food back to having my first meal around 1:00 so I don’t end up going to bed hungry. On nights I work I really push back since I work until 2 am and usually get home around 3 am and I end up bringing dinner to work with me and eating around 10, then have a snack after. This Friday at work I was so tied I was basically a delusional psycho. Monday I had a flat tire, Thursday my battery died on my car so my boyfriend had to drive me to work and one of my girlfriends I work with drove me home. Frustrating, and stress in top of being exhausted and sore. I booked a few weddings this week for my photography business so yay! Thinking of getting into fitness photography? Maybe start with a selfie shoot? Hmmmm…. is that how people become fitness models? Can I be a fitness model? How fun would that be! How do I get sponsored by a clothing brand? Like I could take super awesome photos plus do graphic design! Ok now I’m rambling…

Ok, until next week, which will be 3 weeks out!!


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