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I’m so excited because I’m finally taking part of a Yoga teacher training course! This post is going to be a little personal but still have some fun pictures of little ‘ol me in her beginnings of Yoga!

I’ve honestly been wanting to do this for years upon years but haven’t ever had the means both time wise and financially. Practicing Yoga has been a big part of my life for probably close to 20 years or more. I started with my Mom when I wandered downstairs while she was practicing one day and asked “what on earth are you doing?!” I was probably around 14, in my prime of gymnastics competing and training, and thought it looked easy. I joined for a DVD class (which I found easy) but hey I was a kid and super bendy and it was fun to show off!

On and of I would take class at the gym or do a DVD with my Mom, but my love of Yoga didn’t happen until around 2013 when I lost my job at a jewelry store and was depressed with not knowing my direction in life or what to do now that I was jobless and living on the pennies unemployment paid. I was having anxiety so bad that I ended up in the ER having an EKG and having to wear a halter monitor for a day because I was convinced I was having a heart attack. My doctor told me I need to relax, it’s just anxiety. Well….HOW can I relax when I have no idea what to do with my life blah blah blah. I started Instagram at this point and one of the first people I followed was @laurasykora, stumbling upon her because I was looking for ballet stuff. She does amazing Yoga poses, is super strong, and is an inspiring photographer. She was saying she practiced daily on an online site, and it was good for her mentally and physically. Plus I loved her awesome handstands and wanted to play too. The site she mentioned was way out of my budget, so I found a different site that was only $9 a month at the time, Not only were the classes filmed outside in BEAUTIFUL Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but there was so much Yoga on there I really didn’t know where to start. I decided an hour would be suitable per day, after my weightlifting/ gym or whatever I was non-sensing myself through at the time, and started a daily practice. I’m still a member today, and even through the site has changed up a lot, most of the classes I loved originally are still on there (except one I can’t find anymore, mostly because I just remember what the description was and not what the actual title is)!

Shortly after beginning, I wanted to take beautiful Yoga photos too! I was also just beginning my photography journey, but it took me years to master using my camera with a self timer to do anything, so I just took screenshots of awful quality video, often being interrupted by my precious doggo, Daisy, who just wanted to lick my face and get a belly rub! Here are some humble beginnings (don’t mind the awful filters, they were cool back then!):

Soon I got a little better at challenges on Instagram and picture taking!

And joined by Daisy!

Yoga to me for a while was all about being bendy and strong, but recently it’s been more about the spiritual aspect and meditation. Needing to find a retreat from my chaotic life, learn to be more zen/ peaceful/ and tolerant, and have a ritual to relax my mind, I turned to Yin Yoga a few years ago, taking class at a local studio to help with the stress of entry level job life. That was the first time I was introduced to the consideration of teacher training, at Raffa Yoga. I was almost signed up but the time commitment freaked me out. I continued to take classes, practice at home with Yoga Today, Boho Beautiful and Banana Blondie websites, and for the past 3 months I have established a daily morning routine including tea, burning sage, reading some form of inspirational book, a Yoga practice ( around an hour) and meditation. Sometimes I’ll walk to an area not far from my home and practice outside in nature (with LOTS of bug spray!) but I dream of the day where I own a home with a beautiful outdoor Yoga sanctuary (already envisioning it!) with running water, sculptures, flowers and a platform for practice. Sometimes I take my photos outside with my camera now and get strange looks and comments from passer by’s and don’t know how to deal with it, but I think of the teachings of Yoga and Meditation and try to not worry!

My most recent Yoga image, near my house, Nikon D850

My Mom inspired me to look further into teacher training by saying I would be great at it and should teach on YouTube “like Yoga with Adrienne!”, one of her favorite YouTube channels. I still didn’t want to pay thousands and don’t have a job that allows me free weekends, but I found an online teacher training through Yoga Renew that I can do in my own time.

So my required reading books are ordered, I’m doing a nice little detox (I’ve been overindulging a bit lately) and even though I’m tired, I’m going to get on my mat for a good long Yin practice late, eat my yummy detox soup, and prepare for tomorrow to be a beautiful day!



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